Sheilagh is a Spirit Reflective Artist influenced by her love of animals. She was especially impressed upon by her passion for horses, helping her develop skills as an artist at an early age.

 “Art is my inner being speaking to me in visuals of what I love”

Sheilagh loves nature. She learned how much after living deep in the city where she kept herself too busy. She learned at an early age that her art pleased others and she lost herself by being too hard on herself. In judgement, yearning to be good enough, people pleasing and striving for perfection…a self-centered point of view.


She asked a mentor once. WHY DID I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THIS? 

He said ‘so I can help others’. The important word here is "THROUGH ".  Sheilagh knows that Art was her healer and art was her therapy, and art expresses who she is.  As she says “I am art, Art is love. I am love. I love myself.”

I loved my own life ......but in hindsight I didn't focus on what I loved  

I asked myself why? Because I did not love me.   

I love my whole life MORE ….. After I had a stroke.  My whole life is loving animals, nature and people through my art. 

Learning many modalities has made Sheilagh a better Artist, Facilitator and Art Instructor. Sheilagh helps people get back to themselves, just as she experienced coming back to herself as a Spirit Reflective Artist through becoming an Art Instructor.  

When we love ourselves, then everything we do comes from a place of love.  People and animals, even the flowers will feel love, and as a result we start attracting more loving harmonious situations.


Sheilagh lived with her aunt when she was 11 years old and was on her own at age of 15. Her dream was to become an artist.  She did just that, Sheilagh is a professional Artist with a twist and has been on a spiritual path back to herself.   While looking after her beloved father (in law) and taking a 5 year sabbatical, Sheilagh grew as an Animal Communicator, Shamanic Practitioner, a Drum Circle Organizer and a Drum Making Facilitator. Sheilagh is certified as a Reiki Practitioner, Medical Intuitive /Quantum Healer, in Hypnosis, as a Facilitator of Transformative Mindfulness, and as an Advanced Meditation Facilitator. These modalities have helped her personally and become better art instructor.  Throughout her growth in body wisdom she has realized imagination is everything.

Love what you do.... And do what you love