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Transformational Art.

What is Transformational Art?

Transformational Art (also known as transformational mindfulness) brings together many different teachings, self-healing methods, and art to help individuals access thier own intuition in order to help support a transformation. All you need is crayons and two sheets of paper. There is no need to draw every time, however, drawing does help further integrate the transformation. Artwork helps measure transformation symbolically by documenting it through drawing images, writing words, and with colours. There is no need to be an Artist. All you are doing is documenting whatever experience you are having.

With Transformational Art one can experience recovery from illness, change in perception, forgiveness, and insights. the allows you to document the self enquiries which allows for a deeper integration to take place. The reason this form of personal inquiry works is because it accesses the self-healing from each person's own body wisdom, rather than having it 'drummed in' by a therapist in an external way.  We know what we can do self-healing in an honest and graceful way.

The client is in charge at all times. Therefore each person is doing their own healing.


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