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Sheilagh Mercer

Spirit Reflective, Healer, Multimedia Artist, and Teacher

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Sheilagh’s love for art has allowed her to become a successful illustrator, an artist, a teacher, and a healer. She has taught many art lessons, in a variety of mediums. She is a caring, nurturing teacher who wants you to experience the healing power of art. She believes that art is a way of expressing yourself and she can help you discover more about yourself, the artist within, and appreciate the world around you. She has studied a range of healing modalities and can help support you, your loved ones, and animals on your healing journeys.

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Read my musings about healing and art.



Handmade Wood and Antler Carvings.

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Pastel Paintings, Watercolour, Commissions and more



As an Artist and Art Instructor Sheilagh Mercer uses her skills as an intuitive to capture the energy and images of the true spirit of people, their pets, animals and nature through multimedia techniques using a variety of tools, and materials. The transformative artwork she creates is powerful, inspiring and healing. The subtle details she captures adds depth and expressions to her work and profound meaning for her clients.


Sheilagh draws from a background that includes Animal Communication, Shamanism, Drum Making, Drum Circles, and healing techniques including Reiki, Medical Intuitive /Quantum Healing, Hypnosis, Transformative Mindfulness, and Advanced Meditation. Well practised in the spiritual realm, Sheilagh shares her intuitive art skillset by teaching students to develop their own inspiring art pieces and by creating customized artwork for customers looking for that special and unique piece for themselves or as a special gift for others.


I have attended Sheilagh classes creating my very own unique art pieces. Sheilagh taught me how to access my own intuitive guidance and express it in my art. I have had the opportunity to take enlightening private and group art classes with Sheilagh and have even made my own drum. During the drum making class, Sheilagh taught me how to assemble my own drum, use painting techniques to add powerful images to the face of my drum, and wood burn the rim with images that honoured and represented my family and ancestors. The teachings were powerful and reflective and gave depth to the creation of my own sacred drum.


Recently we commissioned Sheilagh to create a customized wedding drum for a close friend. The drum was absolutely stunning and was decorated with animals and nature images that represented their strong commitment to each other and their new life together. Thank you Sheilagh for all the hearts you touch and the beauty you bring to the world.



Simone Usselman-Tod

Stress Management & Mindset Breakthrough Coach



Art, Carving and Drum classes, and student's gallery



Handmade Drums, commission and more

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Transformational Art, Spirit Art Healing and Animal Communication

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