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What is pyrography?

Pyrography is the free-handed art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks by using heated object such as a poker. Sheilagh can add her beautiful artwork to a variety of goods including leather belts, journals, and wooden drums. Sheilagh uses her extensive knowledge of art and design to add decorative images to a variety of materials including wood and leather by using pyrography. 

dragon 3_edited.jpg

Is there no end to Sheilagh Margaret Mercer's incredible talent? Not only does she make custom drums, paintings, sketches and so much more, but she also created these custom leather journal covers and tote bag for us.

As you can see one Dragon is more masculine (Ian gets that one) and the other feminine (mine). And it's not just on one side it wraps around to finish on the back. STUNNING

The tote/bag Phoenix is breathtaking, again it wraps around to the other side.

Not sure the picture's do them justice.

Sheilagh Margaret Mercer, I can't thank you enough for these magical beautiful pieces. I will treasure them forever.

Elizabeth, Live 2 the MAX

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