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Sheilagh Mercer Healing

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Spirit Art Readings

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Animal Communication

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Transformational Art 


Kinga Zak

I contacted Sheilagh about the serious leg injury that my dog recently experienced. Sheilagh was able to pin point what happened and where the injury is located in the body – without being told or seeing the dog.

Sheilagh performed quantum healing on the animal and I believe that’s what helped my dog to walk again. I definitely recommend Sheilagh’s  animal communication and quantum healing services to everyone.

Gill Brame

I would like to offer Sheilagh my heartfelt thanks for helping me with a special horse named Jack. I am an Equine body worker and I had a call last year to help a horse at a local riding establishment. The horse was becoming stubborn and refusing to move, obviously in discomfort. I gave him several sessions of body work which he really lapped up, he improved a bit but after I stopped the sessions the problems came back. His behaviour was becoming a worry around children and his future was not looking bright. I happened to come across Sheilagh on facebook and decided to send her a photo. Sheilagh picked up his old injury in his hind leg and that he had sore feet, he is bordering diabetic and prone to laminitis, also that he had been bullied so he was bullying back. He was feeling emotionally toxic. She also did some Quantam healing on him with his permission. To cut a long story short Jack was looking for a new home so my son and his girlfriend and my friend and I decided to bring him home and help him to heal emotionally and physically. I have been doing bodywork on horses for eight years now and I believe that horses find a way to get your attention, he was talking to us all and Sheilagh helped us to listen. Thank you Sheilagh

Viloet Campbell

My medical intuitive session with Sheilagh was very informative and revealing and fit perfectly with what was going on in my life. She was able to key in on physical imbalances, insights and recommendations for moving forward. She is very sensitive to connecting her inner visions and intuitions  with what's going on in everyday present life. She is truly incredibly gifted in many ways!"

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