Wood Carving

Woodcarving is Sheilagh's second with drawing being her first love ❤️ drawing makes her carvings come alive. Because of being an art instructor she enjoys helping others learn to carve. Sheilagh won in carving competitions every time she entered, be it first second or third, did not matter to her where she placed. So accepted an invite to judge competitions and stopped entering them herself.

Yet she found instructing others in the ways of carving far more Satisfying. Sheilagh draws draft style patterns for the carver. Now she teaches others how to do this for them selves.  Sheilagh is known  in her area as a master carver. She began her career in carving in 1978 and taught many places. One was a local College for about 10 years. Now she teaches fellow seniors at the Burlington Senior Center where it was so popular there was a need for two classes. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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