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Shamanic Drums

How are drums made?

The Drum, resonates with our own heart and the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. The handheld drum or flat drum can be seen in many cultures as a sacred tool for ceremony and to connect community.


My husband and I take great care in making your drum and love to teach you how to make your own. We use cedar wood which is a purifying wood, has a beautiful grain and it is carved well. The wood is specially ordered and then worked with, by my husband’s hands, for many hours, taking it through many intricate phases to make the drum structure.


Once the structure is made, if the drum asks for a design around the rim, I burn a design into it. The hide we use is often farmed Red Deer hide. Like the wood it goes through many lengthy processes before it is added to the drum. I add my design to the hide if the person wishes.


The drum form is water resistant from the vary-thane finish and the waxed chords. This helps slow down the moisture that the rawhide takes on in the moist night air, so the hide lasts longer before having it warmed up near a fire. This is also the reason I encourage the tight fit and higher ringing sound because they will keep their great sound longer into the night. Some people rather have the lower sound when drumming in doors so to Lower their sound I mist them, with a light spraying of water.


It takes on average 15 hours to make a drum, without the artwork or drying time.

Currently, Sheilagh is busy ensuring all her commitments are fulfilled and is not taking drum commissions at this time.  Please watch this page and join her mailing list to find out when she is taking commissions again, and when her limited, special addition drums are available.

Sheilagh has a heart centred approach to life. She holds deep wisdom on many topics and can be found sharing willingly. Her art is exquisite and her approach to the creation of sacred items is humble and sincere. I have no words really…two of my soul sisters chose to commission a drum, celebrating my recent marriage. Its voice is deep and rich and the art images are so beautifully crafted. My beloved and I will cherish this sacred piece of art for years to come.

Donna, Artist and Healer

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