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Horses inspire freedom in me. Look at the changing trends that aim horses back to being more natural, back to nature, natural horsemanship to even riding at liberty with no horse tack at all, amazing, I love what is happening.

The indigenous peoples or you might say our ancestors … understood the horse and in fact treated all of Nature as Sacred. They allowed the horses to freely Roam and could still approach a wild horse and ask permission to ride upon its back. There was no need to so call ..Break a horse. It was a time the aboriginal people of the world could tap into the consciousness of a plant and that plant told of its medicinal properties. They had no word for wild, nothing was thought of as wild or a weed or alien …. It was life and a series of sacred relationships. We may have lost our way for a time, disconnected from nature, yet there are signs we are returning, and the reason I decided to have a course on Animal Communication partnering with my two Horses Xanadu and Justin, whom I love and respect.

Now I am excited to present this International course for people around the world Staring off with an introduction this (June 21st) .

I made the classes the first Saturday of each month from June to September being our graduating class of “The Medicine /Wind Horse” Animal Communication Level One Certification.

As we know the people come together are meant to be. And this powerful group energy will help each other along including the 6 therapy horses as part of the group. The horses are eager, they are a gift to mankind, after all, and they do communicate. They showed us they also are changing along with the awareness in trainers and a shift towards no bit or saddle, as horses are generally kind hearted, loving, very intelligent beings especially, when well balanced with nature. They and all Animals are the expert communicators if we only listen.

I had the privileged of being in a group recently, myself Celina, Hillary and her horse Cowboy with Judi and her farm Sandy Lane Stables, a non-profit animal rescue. Something really cool happened this day. We have all met before as Hillary voiced her horse was having some difficulties as he was more laboured working in the ring going clockwise or rather towards the right direction. When the left direction was smoother and easier for him. He also had some balancing issues in his own body and we all worked together then Megan being the emotional connection to his, Celina was feeling and sensing energy with her Hands as she placed her hands on both sides of his head up towards his ears, Cowboy shot me pictures of a time when he was young as I sensed difficulties in his neck just behind his ears and the pictures as if a movie . The trainer had left him as a colt tied to the fence, perhaps to have a washroom brake. Anyway, young little cowboy freaked out and frantical’ly tried to break loose. Celina mentioned damage there can happen when being halter broke. So she worked on

his head while Megan helped, I am sure with his emotional release. When using Intuition and no way of validating what we find. We can only go with results. Judi had a chiropractor work on Cowboy, who also felt something going on at the neck.

Now here we are together a few weeks later with Cowboy and Hillary is on his bare back. Judi was sitting on the ground looking straight on, the front of the horse and rider when she noticed Hillary’s left foot was allot shorter than the other and asked Hillary to Center herself. So Judi guided her until both feet where even. Hillary protested saying, “now his withers is not Centred between my legs”.

My eyes fell on Hillary’s leg up by her hip and I said what is wrong with your leg. She said she had an operation on it and then I said oh my goodness it’s shorter! Then said which way did you say Cowboy had trouble Hillary said to the right. Judi said they will have to shorten the stirrup on the left now that they know. However, with Hillary sitting on Cowboy in a balanced way and just as we said Hillary was unbalanced on his back in the saddle, and now she is balance bareback ……the funniest thing happened right then…. immediately Cowboy says I heard him say, ” they finally get it! ” and he yawned and yawned and it turned into laughter from all of us. I enjoy it when we all work as a team.

Here was Cowboy with Hillary riding on his back , no saddle no reins, no bit, a picture of connection and freedom. O’ Natural.

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