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False Beliefs


Doormat what's that? What story am I Telling? Is it supportive of myself?

Am I the brunt of my own jokes? The story I tell is what tips off the perpetrators. Oh no, victim hood! The words I used the story I tell . ... well I learned through the Shamanic class I took from a friend of mine, Michael Stone. Called Embodied Shamanism, and he had us rewrite our story. At first I just did not get it. In my story let's see was I the hero? Well not quite, I had courage, yes, I praised others and never told them my achievements . The reason mmm, I did not want to sound like I was bragging. There it is. Aha gotcha I Diminished myself ! Then came Justin he created magic in my life. He came in the beginning as if a reactive horse he bit and bucked at people , yet not me. It was true love. If someone was a bully to him ....he be that to them . I was so in love having him in my life I never felt anything but calm with him. He taught me to let go of the past , OMG....well that was his message for me. He taught me how unconditional love heals all wounds .... his wounds. What ? I did that ? HE SAYS YES . He is here again in my dreams! I thought he was gone forever. So lived in the past with him . .Now he comes again with his Golden Eagle. I could say more here only it's private. I was gifted a blessing knowing I was lost again in the past. Yes I am a healer and help animals . Does not mean we as practitioners do not need help. The hardest healing is my own family, pets and myself. But my Justin ... he's in my past!! I want to be there with him. ( did I say that ? ) Here is where I stop this gibberish folks. Justin is still here he comes in my dreams to visit . All the animals I have had .....WALK with me. Many in my past that have crossed over STILL walk with me. Now when they pop into my mind I know these love ones support me they are very much alive!

Wow I feel better ... why ..I CHANGED MY STORY !

see the stories we tell ourselves is what we believe to be true! Those beliefs cause my behaviours. Behaviours create my reality. I help others because of the past I endured. The past is who I was. It made me who I am. The past I had, and those experiences healed is the reason I can help others. I once asked my mentor why did I have to have a childhood like that, he said so I can help others. We cannot help others if we have not healed that in ourselves. Lol or about to heal it. That's the making of a great practitioner. HEAL YOURSELF HEALS OTHERS . HEALER HEAL THYSELF . We are all healers. Love you all AND myself ! I am an artist! and a healer! for myself and others. .....Heya Justin let's go on a Journey. Justin ... where do you want to go?

Me ... surprise me !

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